Enoki (en-oh-kee) mushrooms are a delicacy very much appreciated in the Orient, particularly in Japan. Their delicate size and unusual flavour (said to be more like a grape than a mushroom) add sparkle to special dishes. Even people not partial to mushrooms may find the Enoki a special treat.

Botanical Name

Flammulina veluptipes (Also called Enokitake, Enokidake, Nametake, Yuki-motase, Winter Mushroom, Snow Puff Mushroom, Velvet Foot and Velvet Stem Mushroom).


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Keep refrigerated.

Enoki have a shelf-life of approximately 10 days. Once the containing bag is opened, the mushrooms should be used immediately.

Flavor, Preparation and Cooking

Enoki mushrooms have a mild but delightful flavour and a pleasantly crunchy texture. Cut off and discard the bottom of the cluster of mushrooms (up to the point where individual mushroom stems can be separated). No washing is necessary. The stems are generally left long.

Traditionally, Enoki is lightly cooked, and served in soups or in stir-fries with vegetables and meat. Too much cooking can make the stems tough and stringy. Enoki is often added uncooked to fresh salads and sandwiches, although cooking does make the mushrooms much easier to digest and renders the nutritional and medicinal components more available for assimilation by the body.

Medicinal Properties

As with most other edible wood-decaying mushrooms, Enoki mushrooms have been found to have medicinal properties. Enoki contain a powerful polysaccharide called flammulin (Gordon 1995, Zeng 1990). Japanese and Chinese researchers have reported anti-cancer and anti-tumour activity from extracts containing this water-soluble polysaccharide (Ying 1987, Ikekawa et. al 1968).

Enoki is also thought to stimulate the immune system and be anti-viral (Weil 1987). To date, the bulk of research on the medicinal effects of mushrooms has been conducted in Japan and China where mushrooms have been regarded for thousands of years as powerful, natural healing agents. Only recently has Western medicine initiated clinical trials to "prove" this ancient knowledge (Devi 2000).

Nutritional Highlights

Per 3.5 oz. (100 gram) of fresh, edible portion: Percentages refer to U.S. RDA. Potassium doesn't have a U.S. RDA, but an Estimated Safe and Adequate Intake.

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