Natural Habitat & Biology

The King Eryngii can be found in the wild growing on the buried roots of hardwood trees. This stout, thickly fleshed mushroom is very popular in Europe and Japan. Popularity in the United States is increasing as it becomes more available.

The mushroom may grow quite large, up to 7 inches long but is generally harvested at a smaller size. It is the only Oyster species that ships well and has an extended shelf-life.


Keep refrigerated, store in paper bag. The mushrooms have approximately a 10 day shelf-life. Over time as the mushroom dries out, the stems may yellow and brown without much effect on quality if used in a reasonable amount of time.

Flavor, Preparation and Cooking

Of all the many cultivated species of Oyster mushrooms, the King Eryngii is definitely the best tasting. While the stem of most other species of Oyster mushrooms tend to be tough and leathery and are often discarded, the stout and thick stem and also the cap of the King Eryngii are firm and pleasantly chewy. Brush off or rinse lightly just before use. Trim off only the very tip of the stem. Because of the very firm and meaty texture of this mushroom, it requires more cooking time than most mushrooms; sauté or stir-fry until edges become a crispy, golden brown. It goes very well with Italian dishes.


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Medicinal Properties

Not known at this time. Probably similar to other Oyster species which anecdotal reports suggest improves liver and kidney function and helps gastrointestinal disorders.

Research on mice suggest that it may have anti-tumourial properties (Ying 1987, Weil 1987). Medicinal References: Weil, A. 1987. "A Mushroom a Day---", American Health, May 1987, pp. 129-134. Ying, Jianzhe, 1987. Icones of Medicinal Fungi. Science Press, Beijing.

Nutritional Highlights

10-30% Protein
High in: Not established at this time, expected to similar to common oyster mushroom.

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