Fresh Mushrooms

Fresh Mushrooms

During mushroom season harvesting is done on a daily basis. After being picked, sorted and cleaned, certain quantities of fresh mushrooms are packed in lightweight polypropylene boxes and transported to the airport in refrigerated trucks for immediate export, directly to their destination countries.

Fresh wild mushrooms are exported no more than 24hrs after harvesting due to their short shelf life.

Wooden and Polypropylene Boxes

Sizes in mm

Tuber Aestivum Vitt is the scientific name for the Summer Truffle. Like the Black Winter Truffle, these truffles are also black in colour. Therefore, they are commonly referred to as Black Summer Truffles.

Model Length Width/Breadth Depth/Height
Black PP 400 300 120
Green PP 400 300 120
4DD 290 110 160


EDULIS FOOD GROUP is proud to add a new range of Polypropylene boxes which has been in use since the beginning of the 2005/6 mushroom season. This entirely collapsible box, for easy storage and transportation, is state of the art and made with food compatible material and dyes.

The colours will be emerald green for Boletus EDULIS FOOD GROUP and black for Chanterelles. The box's net weight is 3 kilograms and boasts the dimensions 400 x 300 x 120. Please click here to see a video about our new collapsible Polypropylene Boxes

Packaging Details

Black Polypropylene Box

Emerald Green Polypropylene Box

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