Harvest Operations

Harvesting Operations of the EDULIS FOOD GROUP

Harvesting is done during the rainy season, which lies between September and the following May. The mushrooms are found in pine and oak plantations. The harvest is conducted in an organized manner: At the beginning of each crop, the forestry manager, in each area, is notified of the impending start of the harvesting operation. Foresters utilising the plantations are also, regularly, notified of the presence of the pickers in the various forests.

Harvesting operations in our factorySkilled pickers are transported to the plantations in the early morning to begin picking. All company vehicles involved in the harvesting are in continuous contact with each other and with the factory by means of a two-way radio or cellular telephone. The harvest is conducted in a block-by-block manner, throughout the day, under constant supervision. Supervisors report back to the factory manager on a regular basis during the course of the crop.

Processing our products in the factoryAt the end of each day all the mushrooms harvested are transported from the plantations back to the processing factory where they are sorted and immediately processed.

Great care is taken by the company to avoid pollution. All pickers bring precooked meals with them to the plantations. During meal times all the pickers gather together to eat. All waste is collected and transported back to the factory at the end of each day. No smoking is permitted during harvesting and each vehicle carries a fire extinguisher in case of emergency.

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