Processing & Marketing of Fresh Mushrooms

Processing of Fresh Mushrooms

When markets allow, a small percentage of the young and firmer product is packed and exported fresh. Fresh mushroom exports are about 5% of total harvested products, and take place, subject to availability, during the periods preceding the Christmas and Easter holidays.

The mushrooms are cleaned and packed in specifically manufactured light weight wooden boxes, each box is carefully weighed and stored in a cold room where the product is maintained at a temperature of ± 2º Celsius..

Lightweight wooden crates designed specifically for the mushrooms Once the product has stabilized and ± 2 degrees, it is loaded into a refrigerated truck kept at the same temperature and transported to the Johannesburg airport for shipment to final destination.

Marketing of Fresh Mushrooms

Fresh mushrooms are sold to wholesale distributors specializing in the supply of fresh produce and other perishable products. Due to market segmentation, the mushrooms are then sold to smaller, specialized regional companies that perform direct distribution to restaurants, selected fruiters and delicatessen shops.

Fresh wild mushrooms are extremely perishable. The shelf life of the product is approximately six days and only if it is kept refrigerated at all times. It is for this reason that fresh mushrooms, should be exported not more than 24 hours after harvesting.

  1. Sales of fresh mushrooms take place only after the trucks have delivered the day's harvesting from the plantations.

    The various distributors are telephoned or e-mailed with an offer of product subject to availability of space of the specific airlines flying to the distributors countries.
  2. Once agreed on the quantities available, the booking of the freight is confirmed with the airline for the flight leaving the following day. The avoid claims and losses, it is imperative that the product travels on direct flights to final destinations.
  3. The following morning, the fresh mushrooms boxes are transported to the airport with a refrigerated vehicle for departure that same afternoon and arrival at destination early the following morning.
  4. Constant telephonic contact is kept with the various distributors to establish the selling patterns and prepare the product and airfreight bookings necessary to arrange the shipment the following day.
  5. No shipments can take place between Thursday and Saturday as the product would reach the markets during the weekend and therefore remain unsold until the following Monday.

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